Duxone by Axalta offers the guarantee of quality with exceptional value for money.

A value-line, solvent borne refinish system, which provides a wide variety of applications catering to your every need. This complete system comprises a comprehensive range of 2K and basecoat toners for solid colors, metallics, pearls and xirallics. It is an easy-to-use mixing ratio system and can be used in a wide range of applications for various conditions.


• Outstanding colour performance 

• Complete refinish system 

• Easy-to-use 

• Versatility -suitable for full re-sprays and panel repairs 

• Simple 2:1 mixing ratio 

• Low investment


• Degreaser 

• Undercoats 

• Basecoat

• 2K Topcoat 

• Clears 

• Thinners 

• Activators 

• Additives 

• FacPacColors 

• VOC Complaint Products