At MPE we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to our clients needs. Whether you need a complete coating system for your business or a unique product for your repair job, our team will be glad to assist you and provide the best solution to match your requirement.Technical training is key for the most efficient use of our premium quality products, please contact us for any support needed.

At MPE we offer :

  • High level of technical expertise to you and your team in order to demonstrate the excellence of our products. We can arrange customized training sessions based on any specific needs you may have. 
  • Our team is available six days a week to answer to all your sales, marketing and technical enquiries.
  • The MPE team will be visiting your facilities on a regular basis and will train your staff on the correct usage of all products to ensure efficiency.


The most important service we provide is quality. Quality is at the core of our business. It enables us to succeed by providing our customers with peace of mind, knowing that coatings they have selected are the perfect match for their needs and expectations.
Our team of experts are at your disposal to provide with you with insight and determine with you the best suited coating for your project.
All our coatings are manufactured in Europe and have supporting TDS, SDS and other technical certifications.


Surface preparation is one of the key stages before the application of any coating. 
The performance of a coating is significantly influenced by its ability to adhere properly to the substrate material. 
At MPE we offer an extensive range of premium quality surface preparation products for a variety of industrial applications. 

To cover the important stages of the coating preparation and finishing process we provide:<

  • Abrasive products and equipment
  • Polishing products and equipment


We pride ourselves in providing ongoing customer and technical support for all our products. 
Our team of experts are available to answer your questions regarding product trainings, application process, color matching, trouble-shooting or any other questions or concerns you may have. 

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are here to find tailor-made solutions, which best suit your needs.