Valresa Coatings is a Spanish company with more than 50 years experience in providing high-tech solutions for the wood industry. 

Thanks to its two research centers and its extensive global implementation, Valresa has a high international vision;  making it one of the leading European groups in the manufacturing and marketing of paint for wood, plastic and metal surfaces.

Valresa offers various technologies for wood coatings such as nitrocellulose, polyurethane, polyester, water and ultraviolet dry used in the wood coatings markets, achieving the most suitable coating for every wood species and application process.


• Product range 

• Premium quality

• Color matching 

• EU certification


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• Toner Stain 

• Stains U Concentrated

• Sealer 

• Sealer Polyurethane

• Topcoat 

• Topcoat Polyurethane 

• Topcoat Water Base

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