Sontara® Surface Preparation System is a family of technologically advanced wiping solutions which act as the basis for a perfect finish. Sontara® products are engineered for the specific demands of the automotive refinishing industry, with the right product created for each stage of the refinishing process. Thanks to Sontara® products strength and low-linting, they work well with a variety of cleaners, get the job done right the first time, leading to greater productivity and lower cost. 

Sontara® Surface Preparation System wipes are clean and manufactured without glues or binders. The low particulate content and lack of binding additives help to enhance the quality of your work.


• Safe in use 

• Low linting 

• Fit for use 

• Low cost in use 

• Complete system


• Degreasing Cloth 

• Primary Tack Cloth 

• Final Tack Cloth 

• White Polishing Cloth